Thursday, April 20, 2006

Blogs as cited references in scientific papers

Now that I am deeply steeped into science blogging etc., I have discovered some others writing on the topic.

This and this post are in French, which I have forgotten 20+ years ago, so I'd appreciate a quick, rough translation.

Then, this person is trying to make code for Wordpress to automatically form correct citations for each blog post. What do you think?

Update: Thanks to Alejandro of Reality Conditions for providing two more examples: here and here.

Update 2: Apparently, there is now a scientific citation plug-in for Wordpress. I hope all the other platforms adopt it as well.

Update 3: Open Reading Frame continues the discussion.

Update 4: Bill Hooker is on a roll. He is pointing to additional posts on the topic, including one by Pedro and one by Alf. Those introduce some idea on the ways to save, timestamp and cite blogposts as references, including the Postgenomic aggregator and the WebCite which "is an archiving system for webreferences".

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