Sunday, April 23, 2006

Anti-atheist sentiment on the Left?!

Melinda Barton wrote an absolutely atrocious piece on - of all places - Raw Story. I thought for a moment I was on the WingNutDaily! What were the Raw Story folks thinking! Fortunately, the comments there are excellent, refuting the article point by point (Hat-tip: TNG of Neural Gourmet - Update: this link now points to TNG's response to the article)

Update: The Editor of Raw Story wrote an incredibly stupid and insulting preamble to the article, defending Melinda Barton. You can also no longer access the article from the Raw Story front page, only via links from blogs (my link above is still working OK, for now). Whoever hired him to be an editor! Raw Story is going to suffer from this story for a long time, as the amateurishness of the editorial team was exposed brightly.

Read more comments on the piece (there is a link to comments at the very bottom with 200+ comments so far) and also check out some excellent responses by bloggers:

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