Tuesday, April 25, 2006

And even more on science online publishing

I am quite glad that my post on publishing hypotheses and data on blogs has received so much attention around the science and medical blogs.

For instance, Peter Frishauf, founder of Mescape and big promoter of Medical Wikipedia stopped by Terra Sigillata and left a comment, which prompted Abel PharmBoy to write another post on that topic.

Today, Orac chimed in with a very throughtful post on the pros and cons of the Medical Wikipedia, with some excellent comments by his readers.

Sandra Porter of Discovering Biology In A Digital World reminded me that she has actually blogged her ongoing research several times, most importantly her series:
Hunting for huntingtin, Part I
Hunting for huntingtin, Part II
Hunting for huntingtin, Part III
Hunting for huntingtin, Part IV
Hunting for huntingtin, part V: BLASTing on forward
As well as:
Anti-freeze for winter weather
Thinking like a programmer, searching like a fool

Now, inspired by the whole discussion, RPM of Evolgen decided to publish, on his blog, some of his old data on aldolase, never published before and likely never to be published in the future in a peer-reviewed journal. Why not let people be aware of the results? The first installment is here.

Any more?

Update: Chad Orzel gives a perspective from physics in Science Blogging or Blogging Science?

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