Thursday, March 30, 2006

Science News

* Evolutionary principles used to predict cancer:
Like a diverse ecosystem, a tumor with highly diverse cells will evolve more quickly -- to cancer, a study has found.

* Brain found to mature faster in highest-IQ kids:
The thinking part of the brain thickens and thins faster in high-intelligence youth as they grow, researchers say.

* One universe or many? A panel debates:
Physicists brawled over a question that's nearly unanswerable, yet somehow very alive in science today.

* Loneliness linked to health risk:
U.S. health officials say they're seeking ways to ease loneliness nationwide, as a study has tied it to to high blood pressure and other health risks.

* Science in images:
What does our planet look like during a solar eclipse? A photo from the International Space Station tells us.

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