Sunday, March 19, 2006

Malaria Action Day

Today is Malaria Action Day, so I have compiled a sample of the blogosphere's response. On top are posts about malaria, and on the bottom are links to bloggers who urged their readers to take part in Dunk Malaria day and to contribute to The Global Fund for the fight against malaria.

From Tara at Aetiology: Mechanism of malaria "hide and seek" coming into view

From Historymike's musings, a historical perspective: A Pocket Of Pestilence: Northwest Ohio’s Nineteenth-Century Reputation As An Unhealthy Region

Over on Circadiana, I wrote: Some hypotheses about a possible connection between malaria and jet-lag (if you have missed them before, you can also read my two older posts on the topic: Dr.Love-of-Strange, or How I Learned To Love The Malaria... and Malaria and Melatonin: Co-evolution Around The Circadian Clock)

Craig Conard on Mali, Malaria, and Craiger: My fellowship begins, finally

Now, those who linked to Dunk Malaria and/or The Global Fund:

Tim Lambert at Deltoid started all this with Dunk Malaria and followed up with Malaria Action Day.

Tara Smith on Aetiology: Raising malaria awareness

John Quiggin: Malaria Appeal

Basketball in Africa: KENYA: Dunk Malaria 2006

Malaria: Malaria - - Home

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