Friday, March 17, 2006

Malaria Action Day

Malaria Action Day is this Sunday, on March 19th. Read Tara and Tim for more information.

What should you do?

1) You should play basketball on Sunday, as part of the Dunk Malaria initiative.

2) You should donate to The Global Fund for the fight against malaria (and send Tim the confirmation e-mail you get, so he can match it up to $300).

3) Post this information on your blog (or e-mail to friends) between now and Sunday.

4) Write a post about malaria or something related and I will put together a linkfest on Sunday, linking to all bloggers who send me permalinks of their posts on the topic. If you have not written anything recently, but have a good post from the past, send it anyway. The post need not focus on biology or medicine of malaria - writings on history, geography, economics and politics of this disease are equally welcome.

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