Saturday, March 04, 2006

Looking for Politics on "Science And Politics"?

[Note: moved to top for the readers coming over from Wampum blog - the Koufax nominations]

I have just realized I have not written a substantive political/analytical post in weeks!

People who come here and look down the front page will wonder why they were pointed here in the first place - whoever is recommending this blog as a cool Lefty political blog must be nuts!

And my Categories are at least two (now almost four months out of date) months out of date - automating categories is one function I wish Blogger would implement next!

Well, holidays, real life, excuses!

Anyway, some people come here for the cool links, community building, personal posts, blogging about blogging, science links, blog carnivals, or whatever. But political analysis is what got this blog its first regular readers who told the others who told the others....So, to help the new visitors navigate, here is a sampling of what I think are some of my best political posts:


Moral Politics in the Context of History of Marriage,
Conservative America
Safire's Reptilian Brain
Liberal Moral Core - Rush Limbaugh Version
Moral Order
How To Win Conservatives Over
War Of The Worlds
Political Brain
Nurturant Is Not Coddly
Top Ten Reasons Why I Will Never Be Elected Dogcatcher
Fires And Draughts Are Just God's Ways Of...
Four Horsemen Of Horse Race
God, Genes and Conservatives
Genocentrism Aids Anti-Abortion
How Bush Defeated Himself Tonight
Dred Scott And Other Code Words
Why Are Postmodernists/Deconstructionists Liberal
Lakoff In Space And Time
Empire, Empiricism, Empowerment
Assault On Higher Education - Lakoffian Analysis
Bush, Frogs, Baboons, Horses
Strict Father Likes Some Of His Children More Than Other
Election Analysis 1: Exit Polls
My Feedback Message To DNC
Election Analysis 2: State Of The Union
Election Analysis 3: Temporal Trends
City/Country - What Is Exurb
Why Is Academia Liberal
Two Americas: Past, Present And Future
One Or Two Americas
Baby Gap
Science, Free Market and Is Lakoff Scientific
Great Men, History, And Science Education
Enslaving Women - Not Just Fundies
Great Men And Science Education, Take Two
I'm Gone Country, Part I
Rent Wars, It's Sex, Stupid
Hypocrisy Or Natural Order Of Things
Conservative Manly Men, What Are They Afraid Of
Conservatives Are Crazy And Dangerous
What About Them Libertahrians


Perils Of Ideological Continua And Coordinate Systems
Why Creationists Need To Be Creationists
Hooked On Hooking Up
Ward Churchill, Who Cares
Femiphobia Again
Apart From Being An Idiot, Horowitz Is Also An Unwiped Anal Orifice With Hemorrhoids
Lakoff, Femiphobia and Writing On/For Blogs
Teen Sex, Hooking Up, Gay Marriage, Femiphobia
Religious Left and the Democratic Party
This is not about academic freedom
Comparative Wingnuttery
Still Misunderstanding Lakoff
Reading List - American Politics
How Should We Call Them,
Babes in Politics
Public Park Parable of Political Psychopathology
Femiphobia Is Womb Envy
Femiphobia And Race
Books: The Postman by David Brin - chillingly current
The Good Father
Ann Coulter, Beauty, Beast, Rapunzel, Cinderella Or All Of The Above
Child Abuse, Horse Abuse, Wife Abuse, God Abuse - Conservative Pathology
Creationism Is Just One Symptom Of Conservative Pathology
New PBS Anchors: Louis XVI, Cesare Borghia and Cardinal Savonarola
Who Won WWII
I Want Bigger Government
Some Thoughts On Use Of Animals In Research And Teaching
On Lakoff, Religion and Language: The Rising Tone
Two Perspectives on Women in Star Wars
If only people read the Bible the way they read their contracts
Never Again
On Conservative Psychopathology
Nationalism is not Patriotism
Lefty and Righty excesses of pseudo-science
We The People
Sometimes You Just Don't Know
Political Affiliation on Campus
Being Poor All The Way To The Bank
Blogging From The Outside
John Edwards Kind Of Day
Poverty In The Media
A Simple Explanation
Wonks and Cranks


The Two-Party System in the USA
Republicans are corrupt, they lie, and they are crazy
Lefty Blogosphere and the Love/Hate of Hillary
Political Brain No.3
Should Republicans be allowed to have (or adopt) children?
George Will is stuck in the 1930s

There are other good ones, too. but for those, you'll have to dig through the Archives....

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