Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Koufax Awards - Voting is open

All the finalists in all the categories are now up and the voting is open for the Koufax Awards, so go over to Wampum and VOTE!!!!

Choosing my single vote in the semi-finals was an excrutiating exercise - so many good blogs and so many friends to choose from. Voting in the finals was, to a great extent, much easier. Here are my votes:

Best Blog, Non-sponsored: Pharyngula (a coin-toss - literally - with Pandagon)
Best Blog Community: Panda's Thumb
Best Blog, Sponsored/Professional: Orcinus
Best Series: Firedoglake for coverage of the Plame matter
Best Group Blog: Shakespeare's Sister
Best Writing: Creek Running North by Chris Clarke
Best New Blog: Unclaimed Territory by Glenn Greenwald
Best Blog Commenter: Chris Clarke
Most Humorous Post: Michael Berube: And now a word from our sponsor
Best Single Issue Blog: Pharyngula
Best Expert Blog: Pharyngula
Best Post: Creek Running North: Life and Death by Chris Clarke
Most Humorous Blog: Jesus' General
Most Deserving of Wider Recognition: Echidne of the Snakes

Except for the best non-professional blog, it was relatively easy to choose. Oh, almost forgot to mention - as expected, I did not make it into any of the finals. It is not an election year, my political writing is at a low, and most voters are Lefty political bloggers/readers, so I did not expect anything this year. No big deal.

Another note: Not a single one of North Carolina blogs made it to the finals in the Best Local/State blog!!!!! How is that possible. Orange Politics and NCBlue should have been there, at least. Why? Because none of the NC blogs asked their readers to go and vote! In awards like these, you have to self-promote. You cannot just assume that all the readers will be aware that such a thing as Koufax even exists. A little post with a link to Wampum could have made all the difference. A lesson for next year, I guess....

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