Friday, March 10, 2006

Chapel Hill/Carrboro bloggers' meetup

Here are some pictures from last nights' Chapel Hill/Carrboro bloggers' meetup. Nice crowd and great coffee!

Roy Kim, Anton Zuiker and AE:
Brian Russell, Tucker and Sally Greene:
Sally, Congogirl and Michael Berube:
Josh Steiger, Steve Cory, Ken Bavier, Jackson Fox and Roy:
Sally, Congogirl, Michael and me:
Congogirl, Michael and me again:
Also, not pictured are Will Raymond (who took the pictures), Rob Gluck who had to leave early, and Paul Jones who came later, after a long trip.

We were talking about blogging, commenting and trolls, of course, but also about Lyceum (I really have to take a look at it), the Blooker Prize, ice-hockey, getting jobs in academia, finding food in Chapel Hill, children with disabilities, history of (and women's health in) Congo, nursing informatics online, and much, much more.

Has anyone else posted any pictures? Let me know. If I misidentified or mis-linked someone, please let me know so I can fix the errors (of my ways)....

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