Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Animalcules - last call for submissions

Volume 1, Issue 4. of Animalcules will see the light of day on March 23, 2006 right here on Science and Politics.

This carnival collects posts about microorganisms - unicellular creatures visible only under the microscope.o

OK, I'll accept a post about a yeast, or a mold, or a protist that just happens to be colonial or multicellular.

Some microorganisms cause diseases in humans and other animals and it is tempting to focus on symptoms and treatments, but if you want your post to be included in the carnival, a substantial part of the post has to be about the microorganism itself - its genetics, physiology, behavior, ecology or evolution, its mechanism of transmition or its epidemiology, i.e., place the microorganism center-stage and treat the human patient as its habitat.

You may also send in posts that look at microbes from a different angle: historical, literary or artistic. Perhaps you can just show us which microorganism you have on your necktie or which one of the Giant Microbes you have bought.

Send your entries to me by March 22nd at 8pm EST at: Coturnix1 AT aol DOT com

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