Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Upcoming Science-Related Carnivals

Animalcules is a carnival collecting posts about microorganisms. It is scheduled to appear tomorrow, so send your entries by tonight - midnight CST - to Aetiology at: aetiology AT gmail DOT com

Friday Ark collects posts about all living animals. It appears every Friday on The Modulator and it is fine if you are a little late - it gets updates for a day or two afterwards.

Next Carnival of the Green, devoted to the environment, will be hosted by The Naked Vegetarian on February 27th.

Circus of the Spineless is the carnival that is nominally about Invertebrates, but in reality, anything alive that does not have a spinal cord is fair game. It can even have a notochord, or have no nervous system at all.... Pictures, stories, movies, essays. Held right here on Science And Politics on February 28th. Deadline is February 27th at 8pm EST. Send entries to: Coturnix1 AT aol DOT com.

Next edition of the medical carnival, Grand Rounds, will be hosted on A Chance to Cut is a Chance to Cure on February 28th.

Posts about birds go here: I And The Bird will be held on The Birdchaser on March 2nd (deadline is February 28th).

The Tangled Bank is the mother of all science carnivals, covering all topics about science, nature, medicine, environment and the inetraction between science and politics. Next edition will be hosted by Tara of Aetiology next Wednesday (send by Monday night).

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