Sunday, February 19, 2006

Tar Heel Tavern - Happy Anniversary

Welcome to the First Anniversary Edition of the Tar Heel Tavern. How time flies! I can't believe it's already been a year since we started this and I am so happy that it took off and found a life of its own in our blogging community.

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, than we must be doing something right with the Tar Heel Tavern, as bloggers from several other states have started their own carnivals since then: New York, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Arizona, Illinois, Montana, Kansas, Ohio and Virginia.

Well, let's get started. I was really happy to see so many submissions and I added only a couple of my own Editor's Choice posts. Click on images to enlarge.

Gingerivers is keeping time and meter in her poem: Jo Bray.

Marcus of Fixin' Healthcare: The Lifestyle Chronicles - Best Friend. This post is about the contribution of dogs to healthy lifestyle by getting people more active physically. How does this relate to time? Well, people with dogs spend almost twice as much time walking than people without dogs. You'll get the minutes when you click on the link.

Cicero of Nothing Could Be Finer writes that Woman Claims Police Action Excessive, but There's More to the Story.

Laurie of Slowly She Turned has a sense of urgency: No NAIS!

Erin of Poetic Acceptance is trying to deal with postponment. What a difference a day makes.

Mandie of Captivated By Mandie knows it is the right time of year to tend to her plot.

Billy is editing a friend's memoir - a life time of memories: SWEETFEED
The Autobiography Of Jack T. Mule

Sara of Clothed [in joy] lists things she loves, some timeless, some right in the moment.

Mel writes, in her Kitchen, about Death and the past and meatloaf. Made me cry.

Anton of Mistersugar knows that minor delays pale in comparison to major disasters in history.

Some things happen again and again, notes Justin from The View From the Cheap Seats in The pew and the ballot box - A Bad Idea Gets New Life.

Some things grow fast! Just ask Russ of Russlings: Brave Little Giraffe.

Real Paul Jones has started a new blog. New beginnings.

Stonehendge was supposed to be an ancient calendar of some sort.. Ask Melinama of Pratie Place what is Stonefridge for.

Ron Hudson takes us on a trip down the memory lane, all the way back to the Big Hair Days.

Lenslinger used to be an Early Bird. Not always getting the worm, though....

Anonymoses is not sure if he has detected someone's very slow aging process...

Jude of Iddybud deconstructs David Brooks. That did not take very much time at all.

Dirty Greek found another living anachronism.

My other blog is devoted to time in the biological realm, for instance how it changes with puberty.

And finally, a post by me, how fast our kids grow.

We cannot finish this carnival without addressing the concept of being late. Here's an example from Scrutiny Hooligans.

Next week, the Tavern will open on Poetic Acceptance, so make sure to remember to send your entries on time. In the meantime you can get all the information about the Tavern on the homepage, see all the previous issues in the archives and get the code for our nifty little logo here. If you want to host a future edition of the carnival, please let me know.

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