Friday, February 24, 2006

South Dakota action

From JREG mail:
South Dakota's Legislature passed a bill today, a bill which if signed into law by the Governor, will set the stage of a new legal battle to attack--and if successful, overturn--Roe vs. Wade!

Governor Rounds of South Dakota has already stated that he is 'inclined' to sign the bill into law at this time!

While this story is still developing, it won't be long before this erupts across the blogosphere & when it does, we'll try to keep you updated on it all.

In the meantime, learn more about this issue by visiting JREG and voicing your concern. You can even contact Governor Rounds through the Address/Links provided in our Action Item on this issue.

Remember, this has not YET been signed into law, so there's still time to persuade Mr. Rounds that to do so would do nothing more than hurt the Citizens of South Dakota who undoubtably would be affected during this long drawn out court battle. A battle that would drain State resources and ultimately be met by being overturned by the courts.

This Bill helps none, but stands to hurt many.

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