Thursday, February 23, 2006

Science BloggerCon?

There have been so many BloggerCons already that specialized conferences have already sprung up, like BlogeHerCon and Podcastercon.

So, why not have SciBloggerCon somewhere within the next year or so? There are apparently gazillions of science bloggers around the world and it would be so cool to meet each other face-to-face and share a beer and stories.

It could be organized as an Unconference, or it can have a more definite schedule. I can already think of several appropriate panel topics, e.g., :

- using blogs in popularization of science
- blogging against pseudoscience, medical quackery, bad history and all forms of Creationism
- blogs and other online tools in science instruction in high school and college
- Blogs In Action: fighting back against the Republican War On Science
- blogs and the perilous waters of academic job market
- online open-source journals and blog-posts as cited references: can a blogged hypothesis confer primacy?
- finding collaborators online: effects on scientists in the developing world

Any takers?

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