Thursday, February 16, 2006

Link-Love: Science Blogs Qs and Rs

As usual, first a little catching up on blogs that I missed previously starting with A through P, then moving on to Qs and Rs.

Science blogs going mainstream? Plus, bonus disturbing parasite story and A moment of evolutionary emo from A chorus for raucous souls.

Action Potential is the Blog of Nature Neuroscience. Check out Runx-o-rama.

When whales walked the land… and looked like antelopes… and mimicked crocodiles…. and evolved trunks. What?, Eagle owls take over Britain, Tortoises that drink with their noses, or: alas, goodbye Hololissa? and much, much more on Darren Naish: Tetrapod Zoology.

Frogs and Lollipops has built a great resource - an aggregator of biology and medical science blogs with all kinds of cool statistics. It is called Postgenomic and it watches what papers are commented on a lot and who does it, who writes the wordiest posts, etc. The only thing I do not understand is if the "links per post" means incoming or outgoing links. I also find additional advice and tips for aggregated blogs confusing - it is targeted at Techno-geeks who actually speak that language, and I know that many science bloggers do not. I have no idea what he is talking about.

Pregnancy tests and frogs..., Civil disobedience or something else? and Faith Based Science? are on the Force That Through...

Galactic Interactions on What is “Cold”? and Punctuated Equilibrium.

Jane Goodall Institute started their own blog, called Gombe Chimpanzee Blog.

I Got Bugs on Euglena and Ladybugs.

Interested-Participant suggest using Preparation H to put the cane toads to sleep before turning them into fertilizer.

Check out the latest articles on

Questionable Authority is Going Different Directions in the Same Space.

ID vs. QM (1): Jump, they say and Tuesday Afternoon Physics Poetry, the Ornithology Edition on Qulog.

Quoth the Raven has not been posting much lately.

Read Pure Joy on Ratty's Ghost.

Science and religion discussion on Reality Conditions.

RebelDoctor took a Psychotic Break.

Red State Rabble is a Kansas blog that pummels Creationists several times a day. Try Lies, Damn Lies, and Discovery Public Opinion Polls.

Orac of Respectful Insolence appears to have settled comfortably in his new home on SEED scienceblogs. Check out Angst in my pants*: Academic surgeons lament their lot, Blogging Alzheimer's, Ohio rejects intelligent design and Teenage graffiti as cave art.

Radagast of Rhosgobel is Growing ferns and answers a question about Colorblindness in heterozygous females.

Rigor Vitae: Life Unyielding is the home of a magnificient nature artist. Check out SINGING WINGS, UNRAVELING THE MYSTERY OF FROG DECLINE: GETTING WARMER or GROUSING OVER SAGE HABITAT.

The Great Asteroid Mining Con, ETHANOL – But more politely this time and RU486? No I'm much younger on Ronald Brak.

Roundrock Journal explores nature in Boulder, Scented Candles, Past Repast and In which I . . ..

How Ethical Are Scientists?, asks Ruminating Dude.

Rurality has been lucky lately, taking pictures of a bobcat and a deer.

Russlings is the blog by the Director of the NC Zoo in Asheville. It is updated daily with great pictures of animals, factos and factoids, news from teh Zoo world, etc. This is where I first learned that the Zoo Director will Run for the office of New Orleans Mayor and is already better funded than Nagin.

Next time, all those blogs that start with S....

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