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Link-Love: Continuing with the Alphabet of Science Blogs - Part IX

As always, first filling in the A-R blogs I missed so far, then plunging bravely into S's.

21st Century Lego: Synthetic Biology and Molecular Engineering on Beta Rhythm (Music of the mind).

Scientists Visualize Protein Interaction That May Initiate Viral Infection, Scientists find a way to make human collagen and Findings advance use of adult stem cells for replacement bone on Biosingularity.

Liberal Intelligent Design, The Fine Art of Quote-Mining and Scientific Theories and God, all found on Deinonychus antirrhopus.

So, what's math for again? and Poke in the eye from the Confessions of a Science Librarian.

Multimedia Friday: Comics for PhDs - Piled Higher and Deeper and NSF Special Report on Disasters on Element List, also mirrored on Element FYI.

why do i have to take algebra? (UPDATED) and On mathematics education from Evolution-nextstep.

From Nanobiology Notes: Just add water..., Chromosomes: Good things come in very small packages and Fun with Molecular Origami

Live longer and skinny, too? Pinch me says Neuronerd.

Be Aggressive and Educate and a lot more on excellent Northstate Science.

Ranking School Smarts by Major and many more caclulations and statistics on Political Calculations.

Responsible Nanotechnology: From Heaven to Doomsday and Nanotechnology Safety.

One Giant Leap for Cane Toads, American Competetive Edge Act revisited and Will an Apple a Day Make You Deaf? from Retrospectacle: A Neuroscience Blog.

...finally got to blogs that start with S, of which there is a large number:

Only the nose knows..., Travel to the future, one day at a time, The algebra commotion, Good news for those with progeria and Social Security and Isovaleric Acidemia, all from Saccharomyces.

Martin Rundkvist blogs on Salto sobrius: Viking Period horse gear revealed, Space nationalism and Break on through to the other side.

Sahotra Sarkar is a philosopher of Biology: A Year in Texas: Lost Maples, A Year in Texas: Austin’s Preserves, A Year in Texas: Palmetto Images and much, much more (you may also wish to dig through the archives of his old blog Sarkar Lab WebLog).

Savage Minds is an anthropology group blog: Factory, lab, guild, studio by Rex, Anthropology as Identity or Practice? by Maia, Know How, Know What, Know Who by Maia and
Four-Fields Again: Finding a Way to Make it Work by Nancy are just some of the recent offerings there.

Getting Nuked on the Way to Mars and Advertising and the Brain
on SciAm Observations, the blog by editors of Scientific American.

Finally got to myself - Science And Politics - so here are some recent posts: An attempt at communicating science to lay audience on a blog, Books: 'Evolution's Rainbow' by Joan Roughgarden, and Quail as well as a "best of" collection.

Mirror neurons and Headaches at NASA on Science And Reason.

Loose feather and other birdy news and Woodpecker Grand Slam on Science And Sarcasm.

Stalking the giant collembola and not much since.... from Science And Sensibility.

Science Blog is prolific - these are just today's posts: MRI offers new hope for severe epilepsy sufferers, Men in their 50s have more satisfying sex lives than men in their 30s, Dragonflies offer insight into intricacies of flight, The math of deadly waves and Building a Better Guide to the Galaxy.

The Science Creative Quarterly is not easy to navigate (you do not easily find "previous posts" or archives by date), so I suggest you put it on your feed and read stuff as it comes online. It is...um...creative, and often a lot of fun.

CNN: Parents don't see a crisis over science and math, Bush Increases '06 Office of Science Budget by $3.5bil and Decline of Europe: A Rebuttal on Science Crisis.

The Top 10 Science Discoveries . . . Ever! and not much since, on Science In Action.

Magnets to target nanoparticles covered in therapeutics and ‘Roses Are Red, Viagra is Blue…’ Pfizer Knows Better - Shame on You! Says AHF on Science Nerd Depot.

Science Notes: The Quote Mine Project, Argument for "irreducible complexity" collapses, Political interference with public safety and Invasive plants: dog-strangling vine or swallowwort.

You can get a single, collective RSS feed for all the blogs on SEED Magazine's Scienceblogs. This includes their Editor's Blog: Sciencegate.

Animal Wrongs, Double Drug Jeopardy and Science Gets Googly are recent posts on Scientific Activist, a relatively new blog that became instantly famous when NIck Anthis uncovered that a certain Mr.Deutch did not actually graduate from Texas A&T. He summarizes the experience in What a Month!.

Scientific Assessment is a relatively new blog alliance. Wanna join?

The Maternal Brain, Oyster Awards, Water on Mars and Stupidity from Shallow Thoughts to Profound Insights.

She Falters To Rise: I've been aiming too low, Poetry, Dr. Phil, and Avoidance Strategies and It doesn't take a brain surgeon.

Sir Oolius of Coeruleus (formerly known as She Flies With Her Own Wings) is a neurobiolgist who occasionally blogs about science: Buy Creationist
Developing legs designed to invade Darwin!.

Psychologist questions merit of serious thought and other tales from the psychiatric ward can be found on Shrinkette.

Michael Bains of Silly Humans: Daniel C. Dennett: 'Breaking the Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomenon' - The New York Times Book Review.

Bayes' Original Paper and more on Skepsisfera.

If you believe this you must be dreaming, says Skeptico.

Sleepwalking to Jail, Melatonin: A Safe Sleep Supplement?, Sleep Gadgets and Gizmos, Sleep Apnea and Musical Instruments and Power Naps are the most recent posts on Sleep Disorders.

Michael Rack is the Sleepdoctor: Sleeping Pill Wars, I'd love to do a sleep study on this guy, Oral Appliances for Sleep Apnea and Watching television in bed.

An upside down butterfly, Harbors far from the sea and A beaver dam on Snail's Tales.

Socratic Gadfly: More NASA censorship comes to life, Japanese whaling goes to the dogs and Dick Pombo, National Parks hypocrite. Also check his other blog: The Philosophy of the Socratic Gadfly.

Blue-Green Algae and the Unbearable Importance of Linking, and not much since, on Some are Boojums.

Abandoning Babbage, While We're on the Subject..., What NASA Should Be and Push Prizes Do Their Stuff by Stephen Gordon and Phil Bowermaster of Speculist.

Sporula has been on a hiatus for a while now.

Squidblog is back with The Shinjuku squid and its swarming skin and Squid conference in Tasmania .

And on the other Squidblog: Leunig comments on the Tasmanian Squid Conference, Squids may help determine global warming impact and Thames whale died ‘trying to find squid’.

An Influenza primer, The Evil Chemical, Nature is still the boss, Department of How could I have missed this? and The doctor will not be in . . . on Stayin' Alive.

Stephen Gloor: The Result of the War on Science, ExxonMobil's 2005 Energy Report - the Oil Resource, Bogus Descriptions at CO2Science.com and IPA Wind Power Submission.

Julie of Stridulations is an entomologist and she suggests Some of my favorite sites (really cool insect resources) and The amazing polyphenic Manduca.

Mr. Luna: A Man with a Mission, EarthTrends Announces Student Essay Contest, Addressing Oil Addiction and New NRDC Web Site Focuses on Green Building 'From Principle to Practice', on Sustainablog.

SwampThings and SwampStuff are blogs by a nature watcher and photographer in Northeast North Carolina.

Beastly Mispronunciations on Syaffolee.

Next time, Ts and more.....

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