Sunday, February 12, 2006

Link-Love: Continuing with the Alphabet of Science Blogs - Part VII

Catching up on As though Os first:

Breast Cancer Researchers given Powerful New Tools and Cell Senescence, Cancer, Longevity, Telomeres from Al Fin.

Teaching Microbes with Oral Reports, Activities with Plant Anatomy, The bread that wouldn't mold - update, Bringing life into the biology lab, Buy a Hernia on ebay and Fun with Lima Beans, all from Biology Educators.

From Complex Medium: WHO and Gates tackle sleeping sickness.

Tracking food products with Internet on Emerging Technology Trends.

Natural Selection, Sparrows, and a Stochastic God, A Third Way and Princeton President Defends Evolution on Evolution List.

The start of something old and The start of something old. More on memory are fictionalized musing on science, but orcs and ents of teh Middle Earth, all happening on The Grove.

Modern Science blog: NASA budget increases for stupid things and Higher Ed.

Machines learn to assemble sensory stimuli by copying nature and Autistic mice created? on Multipolarity Memes.

Born This Day: Barnum Brown and Seeing The Fossil Universe on Paleoblog.

Science versus science or religion versus religion and Confessions of a Darwinist from the premier anti-Creationist group blog - Panda's Thumb.

Leah Penn: Examination of Ethics in Oregon State Forestry.

Aristotle: Materialist or Vitalist? by Warren Platts on another great group blog, Philosophy of Biology.

Varying religious views of stem cell research, Bush reduced U.S. to cell farm for foreign scientists and Chimeras on Pluripotentate.

Hwang Woo Suk on Politics and Ethics of Science.

It's the decision-model... on The Post-Normal Times - Perspectives on Environmental Science and Policy Decisions.

'Busy as a Parasitic Butterfly' and 'Uncertainty, Vagueness, Ambiguity' on Premenopaws (sorry - cannot find permalinks - just scroll down).

I'm sure Ken Ham is sincere in his faith…, A supplementary text for my human physiology course and My Friday with Darwin are just three recent post on the most popular science blog out there - Pharyngula.

Next time, Qs and Rs....

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Link-Love: Continuing with the Alphabet of Science Blogs

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