Sunday, February 26, 2006

Link-love: Catching up with the shifty alphabet of science blogs

Posting the links to the whole series (so far) over on Majikthise, brought in a number of new blogs to my attention from the commenters. Some of those, of course, start with letters A through S, so I will have to make up for it first, before moving on to T and more the next time....

When averages are misleading, Intelligent cosmology redux, First they came for the evolutionary biologists... on 0xDE.

The tragedy of fabrication in biomedical research on Oncology Updates.

Crappy paper, Who do you think you are? and Ferkristsake!!! on A Scientist's Life.

Biopeer: New bird flu cases in Cambodia and Germany, Experimental new drug successful against all forms of TB, China starts human trials for indigenous AIDS drug and much, much more...

Pursue the diagonal and you lose, my friends... by Calamus.

Old crop corn starts to move and Less-beany bean could fit in well in Georgia are just some of the latest offerings at Ag Moment, run by the same guy who writes on Common Sense for the Biochemist.

David Brin, the SF writer who blogs on Contrary Brin, sometimes takes a break from politics and posts about science, as in Cool items... science, innovation move on....

Dotdotdot (or RatLab): It's snow joke.

How Much Will People Sacrifice To Reduce Greenhouse Gases? and On Falling DNA Sequencing Costs on FuturePundit.

From The Geomblog: String theory and NP-hardness, and Concentration of Measure.

Guns, Germs & Steeled is a blog I recently discovered (in comments on Pharyngula) and like very much: 60 Minutes to Highlight Consequences of Global Warming, Communication Strategies of the Intelligent Design Movement, Restoring Scientific Integrity: One Can Make A Difference and Intelligent Design and Evolution.

X Chromosome Inactivation in the Mothers of Gay Sons on Ware Farms.

Heaven is not the sky: Evolution Unfalsifiable? and Limiting God by opposing evolution.

Humans in Science: Where do they get the energy? and Some good news: ID not by G-D but perhaps ET?.

Science: Uncovering and Discovering: The Colours of Dyes.

The Scientist Errant: Recycling, Boo! Toward an American Ethic of Restraint

You can get a feed for all of ScienceBase blogs here.

Life Science Tools of the Trade: A Negative is a positive?, The multi-purpose survival kit, What the heck?!? and Sour milk.

Common Rodent Friday: Eastern Gray Squirrel and Friday Backyard Bird Blogging: Blue Jay - Cyanocitta cristata on Henry's Webiocosm Blog.

Parsimony: Fisher vs. Wright, Fisher on Genetic Drift, Plug Away! and 3 Favorites for the Week on Hpb Etc.

Qigong 101, Irreducible Complexity and 6.5e+9 and Growing on I ♥ Dr. Calvin.

In the Pipeline: Because I Never Lie, and I'm Always Right, Gold and Lasers and NEJM vs. Its Contributors, Round Two.

White Pileated In Big Woods and Searching Tips on Ivory-bills LiVE!!

Japing Ape is written by a gorilla. Not always Safe For Work, but funny and insightful.

Google Earth in Nature on Nascent.

Ear wax revisited, Technorati for biology, Why are some papers considered classics? and Nodalpoint Forums on Nodalpoint.

And biologists who know no mathematics also know no biology, Welcome to the House of Books / Have yourself a slice of chocolate cake…. and But that’s what makes us human! by William Tozier on Notional Slurry.

A bra made of algae? Eww! and Bernard (almost) gets it right are some of the recent offerings on Ernie's 3D Pancakes.

Phawrongula mirrors Pharyngula, but in verse.

Randy Olson's science communication suggestions, This is, for historians of science, the equivalent of finding one of the original gospels, The Military-Industrial-Academic Complex, then and now on Ragesoss 2.02. This post introduces several other History Of Science blogs, as well as WikiProject History of Science.

Random John reloaded: One of the funniest things ever …, Culture wars: elephant vs. humans, Theories that have gone to ruins and While other people contemplate the politics of this, I’ll contemplate the statistics.

I have no idea how it happened that I did not link to RealClimate yet. Here are a couple of the latest posts: Sir Nicholas Shackleton and Cloudy outlook for albedo?.

Scientific Assessment is both a blog alliance and a group blog. I should post there more often. Recently: Earth's Population To Hit 6.5 Billion At 7:16 pm Today, Scientist's Visa Denial Sparks Outrage in India and Science Blogger Conference?.

I've never been to Slashdot in my life, but I just learned that they have a science section.

Notes from the Lab: Multicore and more and Guerilla Informatics – Genzyme Style on Snowdeal.

Have you followed the Green Blogathon? Several blogs blogging like crazy on all things environmental.

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