Monday, February 13, 2006

Darwin Day Blog Celebrations

Yesterday was Darwin Day. Throughout the world there were events in the honor of Charlie's 197th birthday. You can see the listing of events here. It was also Evolution Sunday in a large number of churches around the country, as part of an effort on the part of liberal churches to counteract the reactionary Right-wing churches and their war against science.

Of course, there was quite a lot of activity in the blogdom, too, especially on science blogs. Here is a brief list of today's posts commemorating Darwin's Birthday:

A chorus for raucous souls
A Concerned Scientist
Abnormal Interests
Anthropology Net
Arcane Gazebo
Bad Astronomy
Blog About Town
Chaotic Utopia (first two posts in a series)
Context & Content
DarkSyde on Daily Kos
Darwinian Conservatism
De Rerum Natura
Dharma Bums
The Dubious Biologist
Evolgen and also here
Evolutionary Middleman
Evolution List
Evolving Thoughts
Expletive Deleted
Gene Expression
Hairy Museum of Natural History
The Intersection
Invasive Species Weblog
The Lancelet
The Lippard Blog
Living The Scientific Life
Mixing Memory
Nice Shoes, Wanna Fock?
Olduvai George
Panda's Thumb (also here and here)
Pharyngula and also here and here and here
The Questionable Authority
Red State Rabble
Radagast of Rhosgobel
Science And Politics
Science Notes
Silly Humans
Snail's Tales
Stayin' Alive
Stranger Fruit
Thoughts From Kansas
Unscrewing The Inscrutable
Zygote Games

Well, that is just scratching the surface. You can find more if you search here or here.

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