Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Creationist Troll

This IDiot just left several copies of the same Creationist nonsense on several evolution-related posts here, including some that are almost two years old. He also left the same crap on a post on Majikthise. Is there a way to ban someone on Blogspot?

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I have left one copy of his tirade here, so you can all see what a spectacular concentration of nonsense can be put in a relatively small space - the rest is pure spam.

It would be laughable, if it was not so depressing, even scary, that a human being can be so fearful, so emotionally insecure, so mentally undeveloped, and so intelectually impoverished, to allow oneself to become so thoroughly brainwashed and indoctrinated into dogma spewed by lazy, greedy, parasitic High Priests of fundamentalism. This is no sweet old religion that builds local community and urges old grannies to donate to charity and work in a soup kitchen - this is a politically motivated cult movement designed to engender complete control over obedient masses who can then be used for whatever heinous designs the High Priests have in mind.

This troll, Hilton, did not come here asking an evolutionary biologist questions about evolutionary biology. He has come here to proselytize his bullshit quasi-religion. He is unreachable. Reason does not work on him and his ilk - their eyes are fogged with fear, slef-righteousness and aggression. Fortunately, none of my readers will do more than laugh at his contortions. But I am sick of deleting spam.

Hilton did not come here trying to start a discussion. Discussion involves logic and reason - faculties Hilton does not poesses. I have had conservatives and libertarians come here and discuss issues with me without fear of deleting - they played by the basic rules: use of reason, logic and rational discourse. Hilton is incapable of such thought.

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