Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Bloggers' Interviews

You may recall that a month or so ago I was interviewed by Simon Owens of Bloggasm. That blog is carving a nice niche for itself by interviewing other interesting bloggers of all kinds. The blog crashed soon after my interview and had to be rebuilt by hand, post by post. Unfortunately, most of Simon's own posts are gone forever, but at least he has saved all the interviews and re-posted them one by one on the new address. Thus, the permalink for my interview has changed - you can find it here.

Soon after my interview, Simon interviewed a whole bunch of bloggers from the Left, ranging from moderate center all the way to pure socialists. I was waiting for the new blog to be completely rebuilt before linking to those interviews. All of them got pretty much the same set of questions and it is really interesting to see on what points they all agree and on what points they differ (someone should analyze that!).

I am kinda glad I did not get that same set of questions - I think that questions concerning conservative War On Science fit me better than pure partisan politics.

Among the interviewees are some of my daily reads, including Lindsay Beyerstein of Majikthise on whose blog I am happily guest-blogging this week. You should definitely read her interview. Then, there is Echidne of the Snakes and her interview. NC blogging guru, Ed Cone has also been interviewed, as was Dr.Neiwert of Orcinus (read his interview) and Madeleine Begun Kane (check out her interview).

The list is long, but check these blogs out. While some of them are popular and I read them occasionally, and others are my colleagues on Liberal Coalition or The Liberal Prose, frankly, some of these were new to me!

Meat-Eating Leftist (interview)
American Leftist (interview)
Busy, Busy, Busy (interview)
Brian Flemming (interview)
Angry Bear (interview)
Off The Kuff (interview)
Tiny Revolution (interview)
Talent Show (interview)
Sirotablog (interview)
Talk Left (interview)
Rising Hegemon (interview)
Dependable Renegade (interview)
Aintnobaddude (interview)
Lenin's Tomb (interview)
Steve Gilliard (interview)
ConWebWatch (interview)
Taylor Marsh (interview)
First Draft (interview)
Demagogue (interview)
Terminus (interview)
Liberal Oasis (interview)
Xoverboard (interview)

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