Saturday, January 28, 2006

Various carnivals are looking for your submissions.

Next edition of the Tar Heel Tavern will be up this weekend on BlueNC. North Carolina bloggers - send the best post of the week to Lance.

Circus of the Spineless will be up on Sunday, January 29th, on Pharyngula. Any type of posts about Invertebrates, from detailed science to a pretty picture are welcome.

Grand Rounds will be hosted on Monday at Barbados Butterfly.

Tangled Bank is coming up on Wednesday, February 1st on Adventures in Ethics and Science. Science, nature, environment, medicine, the War On Science - if you write something about these topics, send it in.

Carnival of the Liberals will be hosted by Modem Butterfly also on Wednesday. Since this is a competitive/edited carnival, entries are due on Monday to give the host enough time to read everything and choose the best 10 posts.

Carnival of Education will be hosted by Diane Weir, also on Wednesday.

Then on Thursday, it is time for Skeptic's Circle on The Photon in the Darkness.

And speaking of carnivals you can see a link on the side bar to all the Carnivals I Hosted where you can also find the dates of carnivals I have signed up to host this spring.

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