Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Republicans are corrupt, they lie, and they are crazy

They are corrupt and they lie. Repeat ad nauseam: corruption, lying, corruption, lying....

Apparently, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are on the ball.

This also includes filibustering Alito who belongs to the group that Digby colorfully describes as:
"....people whose highest aspirations and deepest longings are wrapped up in their masculinity, and yet they are flaccid failures. They are in a state of arrested development, never having faced their fears, never becoming men, remaining boys standing in the corner of the darkened hallway watching Bill Clinton emerge from a co-ed's dorm room to lead a rousing all night strategy session --- and sitting in the bus station on the way home for Christmas vacation as Chuck Hagel and John Kerry in uniform, looking stalwart and strong, clap each other on the back in brotherly solidarity and prepare to see what they are really made of. They have never been part of anything but an effete political movement in which the stakes go no higher than repeal of the death tax."
The kind of people like Alec Rawls - check his stunning pathological fear in the comments - (hat-tip Scott), whose idiocy and mysoginy were vividly exposed by PZ earlier last year.

Related: this article - The People Are Unfit to Rule: The Ideological Meaning of Maury Povich and Jerry Springer (via Brian Leiter) - is a great class-based critique of the popular culture as it reinforces the needs of the elite classes to rule without any interference from the "proles". I would also add a feminist-based critique, as such shows tend to expose women that act "out of place" and are put into their places by the end of the show. This also reinforces the femiphobic basis of all wingunttery.

I am glad that more people, from bicyclists to atheists are picking up on the research on the psychopathological basis of conservatism (see review papers here and here).

Finally, and on the same topic, the Must Read of the Day from Lance Mannion.

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