Monday, January 30, 2006

Need help regarding publication of a book

Dr.Predrag Milosevic, an architect from Sarajevo (Bosnia) has written a book "Architecture in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia (Sarajevo 1918-1941)". In it, among else, he writes at length about my grandfather, Dr.Isidor Reiss, who designed and built a number of buildings in Sarajevo between the two World Wars, a few of which are now preserved as cultural heritage of the city, including the first skyscraper in the Balkans.

Graham Foundation in Chicago is ready to fund the publication, but it needs a large reputable publishing house to ask for it, to print it and to publicize it. If such a publishing house is found, then a publisher in Belgrade would also print a Serbo-Croatian language edition. If I understand correctly, the book has been printed in Sarajevo and is used as a textbook at the University there.

Dr.Milosevic, as the author, is precluded from contacting Graham Foundation himself - a publishing house needs to do it in his name. Publication of the book, both in English language in the USA and in Serbo-Croatian language in Belgrade, would mean a lot not just to the author, but also to the architectural world, the University of Belgrade school of architecture and, of course, to me and my family.

Is there anyone reading this blog who has experience with the world of publishing and can make some suggestions?

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