Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Link-Love: some more science blogging

Earlier, I linked to a bunch of science-related blogs starting with A and B. Let's proceed with Cs and see how far down the alphabet we can get.

Over on Circadiana I cover some media reporting on clocks and sleep, and on my friend's research.

On Cognitive Daily: What aspects of facial movement convey emotion? and Do kids prefer cheap healthy food or expensive junk food?

The Hanging Hill of Meriden and its legendary Black Dog, a two-part look by Connecticut Windows On The Natural World here and here.

Corpus Callosum on the rising cost of textbooks and on Bisphenol-A.

Over on Cosmic Variance, Sean has more on one of my favourite microorganisms, the “Conan the Bacterium” of the Archaeobacterial world, the Deinococcus radiodurans, the bug that lives in nuclear reactors. He also announces an interesting literary contest by Seed Magazine - not science-fiction, but science in fiction.

Craving Progress is taking a little break in blogging while cramming for the prelims.

Creek Running North: 27 new species in California, the Sentinel Cave and another Harquahala chapter. Buy Chris Clarke's book (and I mean BUY it, drop him a few bucks instead of downloading for free) here.

John Quiggin on Crooked Timber on metric system, creationism and inefficiency. Interesting comments.

Teach your goldfish to play soccer, says Culture Dish.

The Mad Scientist of The Daily Transcript interviews his physicist father.

What is science, what is fiction, what is science-fiction, wonders Reed of De Rerum Natura.

The same question, posed by Jim of Decorabilia.

Blind shrimp, the Origin of Life, the Ostracods and the Pram Bug - all found in the Deep-Sea News.

Deltoid on Fumento and, of course, on Lott.

Dharma Bums at the bird feeder.

Get your anthropocentric ego deflated by The Disgruntled Chemist (cool photo - worth a click).

I love the way Disgruntled Julie writes about her research and her life in the lab in post after post. Here is the latest.

Ed Brayton of Dispatches From The Culture Wars responds to Bo Grimes on Card on ID and to Bob Murphy on ID.

Why Dogged Blog breeds dogs? (really cool pictures!)

Dr.Petra announces the Bitter Pill Awards, complains about PR companies peddling questionable 'research' and examines why is the press incapable of discussing prostitution.

Science Illustration, Electron Microscope images and the six degrees of separation in science, all on Easternblot.

Effect Measure is the place to go for all the Bird Flu information, for instance this and this, but other stuff sometimes appears, for instance...did you know that your keyboard is dirtier than your toilet seat?

Evolgen on doctoring images in science papers and on discrepancies between
fossil and molecular data.

Evolutionary Times observes an IDC discussion on a computer forum.

Jason on Evolutionblog got into a multipost debate with Krauze of Telic Thoughts. The first post, the second post and the third post. A good Harpers article written by Darwin's great-great-grandson and summaries of two more good articles.

John Wilkins of Evolving Thoughts on evolution rules and laws and on science fraud.

OK, enough for today. Let me know if I have missed any good science blogs so far in the alphabet. One day I'll see if I have the energy to proceed with F, G, H....

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