Thursday, January 26, 2006

Link-Love: science-blogs down the alphabet, Part III

Continuing with the alphabet. First, a few A though E that I missed, then on to F and see where it ends...

Importance of blogging for ethnographic fieldwork, Importance of blogging towards primatological fieldwork, The changing face of human skulls and The atlatl is making a comeback are just a few of the recent posts on Anthropology Net.

Archaeoblog collects lots of cool news items in the field.

From BrainBlog: Abstract of the Day: Cognitive Demands on Functional Decisions.

Cognitive Science News is a blog of the Cognitive Science Program at the University of Evansville.

Dieneke's Anthropology blog on the Recent origins of East German population.

Free Association is the offical blog of Nature Genetics.

Genetics & Health Blog: DNA Is Here to Stay.

What is an expert? asks Adam Lerymenko of GreyThumb blog.

Hairy Museum of Natural History has a good post on the new oviraptor-like crocodile fossil Effigia.

JM O'Donnell of Immunobloging on DNA justice, Viral outbreaks and Dembski flops in...Kansas.

The blog of Improbable Research is into food lately: Dean drinks with a purpose, Celebrity dog food and Boiled Banged Mush.

Humor and attraction, A good time to wake up and effects if global warming on the quality of liquor, and much much more canbe found on Inkycircus.

Every day a new Invasive Species.

The Invisible Dragon loves pie-charts to illustrate student learning in science classes. See here, here and here for some cool examples.

John Hawks Anthropology Weblog has a different take on the Thames whale story, Genetics of orangutan demographic collapse and about Darwin's experiments with bird feet, which I remember reading but now cannot remember in which of his books (I have read quite a lot of Darwin a few years back), do you?

Keats' Telescope, one of my favourite science bloggers writes about viral source of DNA, adaptive function of laughter, narrow focus of science journalists, inappropriate names of genes and weather on Mars.

Kele's Journey dismantles the What are evolutionists afraid of Creationist canard, and comments on the recent Dawkins program.

OK, that was F, G, H, I, J and K. More of the alphabet tomorrow.

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