Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Link-Love: science-blogs down the alphabet, Part V

Where were we? Oh, letter N, brought to you by....but first some stragglers from earlier on in the alphabet.

On The Inoculated Mind: Have you stopped beating up science?

Bush Administration Tries to Silence Global Warming Scientist on A Change In The Wind.

A challenge to the smallest vertebrate and the extinction of conscience on The Annotated Budak.

The Evolution of Senescence and Post-Reproductive Lifespan in Guppies (Poecilia reticulata) on Anti-Aging Medicine & Science Blog.

More info on Ambergris on the Apothecary's Drawer Weblog.

Looks like a crayfish to me, but Bird On The Moon wants a more precise answer.

Every Friday, you will find a beautiful Nudibranch on Bouphonia.

Circadian Rhythm appears to be one of PZ's students.

Colorblind Science Teacher is on hiatus until summer.

Community College Dean sees an elephant.

Developing Intelligence: Neural Oscillations and the Mozart Effect, Risk Taking and Intelligence and Redeeming Freud: Memory Suppression.

Genes for human height on Dienekes' Anthropology Blog.

You can find the story about the Colombian Man Kills Nephew while trying to Scare the Hiccups out of him on Doc Around The Clock.

Ernie's 3D Pancakes is Learning from students.

Firefly Forest Blog: some Northern Shovelers and a Pied-billed Grebe in Winter.

Genetics and Health Blog: EGFR Gene and Lung Cancer Drug Tarceva.

The Genius on Silencing and Memory in two parts.

Invasive Species Weblog highlights apparently a different species every day!

The Island of Doubt: What would Darwin think? and We're Number 1!.

On No Se Nada, three posts on Jim Hansen here and here and , and some potential trouble for science funding here.

Nature Erratum is a grad student with wonderful stories from lab life. Check out How to Win the Nobel Prize, I’m Just Not That Into You and 10 Things I Hate About You.

Pesticide Testing and Amphibicide on NC Conservation Network blog.

Neurochannels still on hiatus.

More about the Blue Brain Project on Neurodudes.

Evil Monkey of Neurotopia is busy building the website for the Alliance for Science.

From the News From The Scientist: Big numbers, new tools at Keystone and Keystone, like chromatin, all wrapped up.

On Pattern and Process by Newton's Binomium.

Niches takes pictures of some Warm January Mushrooms.

"Bad design," "good design"? - The point is there's no design, says Nightlight.

Polar Bears and Penguins, Mosquitos, Thermodynamics, and a Whole Lot of Ignorance and Scientists Face a Choice, by Ocellated.

When Olduvai George draws and paints he makes it look easy.

A wildfire of controversy - science, politics, and publishing and field trip follies On Being A Scientist And A Woman.

Matt Dowling of Ontogeny: The tale of the flying snail, Scientists Find Gene That Controls Type of Earwax in People and Congress gets briefing on what constitutes science...was it effective?.

Ooblog discovers a Pinkoski treasure trove and a hillarious Dembski quote.

The orca killers on Orcinus.

Tomorrow: P-Q-R.

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