Sunday, January 29, 2006

Link-love: more Alphabet Soup of science blogs

First, a little catching up with A-K blogs I missed, then continuing with L and so on....

Some scattered thoughts on interviews, Jorge Cham, computer science, and grad student hardship from The Abstract Factory.

New Insights Into Cult Behavior, FMRI as Philosophical Tool and Peer Pressure Changes Perceptions, all on BrainScan Blog.

Check out Climate Change Action and Environmental Action Blog. Not just talk - action!

Discovering Biology In A Digital World: Diversity in science: will we ever see a rainbow?

Here's the Dubious Biologist.

Razib of Gene Expression, in his new digs on SEED is shying away from politics for now and writing some really good posts. Check out this history of genetics, statistics and evolution of the early 20th century.

Chris Mooney has also moved The Intersection over to SEED. All War on Science all the time, but here is something different - sport.

Hedwig The Owl of Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted) is also one of the new SEED bloggers now and there she continues with her famous series of Birds in the News. I hope she also decides to write some of her own LabLit.

LadyScientist: From Stingers to Gryphons, Blues and Rams.

From The Lancelet, on a great field course and on squid brains. I am assuming that PZ Myers has not linked to these two posts yet because he is saving them for the Circus of the Spineless later today.

Skeptics using Intelligent Design for fundraising on Lippard Blog.

I am assuming that everyone interested in biology already reads Carl Zimmer's blog The Loom. Check out The Return of the Puppet Masters and A Complicated Death.

Matthew C. Nisbet's Framing-Science is what my blog was supposed to be but never was. Check out FRAME DEVICES: Wiretaps/Eavesdropping or Terrorist Surveillance Program or CHRONICLE OF HIGHER ED: Schatten and the Korean Case or SOCIAL PROGRESS TAGLINE: 'Research is the best medicine'.

I hope you are reading Mike The Mad Biologist, for instance these recent posts: A Silly NY Times Book Review, Imagine If... and Some Good News About Influenza.

Learn about a project to genetically reverse-engineer a Quagga on Milkriverblog.

Everything you wanted to know about the Brain (but were too afraid to ask, of course) you can find on Mind Hacks.

Self-evidence and ID: KY Style, on Missing Shades of Grue.

Chris of Mixing Memory is an old blog friend of mine. As a cognitive scientist, he will always make you think. Think hard.

OEC, YEC, IDC, Pastafarianism...those are just a few creation stories out there. But More Evolution Theories blog is collecting many more of them.

Science of music? Music perception? See Musical Perceptions.

An Armoured Snail, The smallest vertebrate and Children are less able than they used to be, on Muton.

ADHD and autism on Myomancy.

Next time, we move on to letter N and on....

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