Monday, January 30, 2006

Lesson of Dover - stand up and fight back

A nice op-ed in today's Chapel Hill News:

Redefining 'intelligent design'


Just when it seemed our beloved country had been taken over by the barbarians and we were headed toward another dark age of religious tyranny, there came a ray of hope from a small town in Pennsylvania.

The good citizens of Dover, Pa., have set an example that all Americans -- especially those who still live in Kansas -- would do well to follow. They have shown that it is possible to stand up and win against those who are trying to impose their mean-spirited version of religion on the rest of us.

----large snip-----------------

I'd suggest that this case offers a good use for the phrase "intelligent design." It's already in our lexicon, so why not co-opt it and use it. From now on, let's think of "intelligent design" in terms of citizens banding together in outrage whenever they are bullied or lied to -- and fighting within the system to bring about change. I say: on to Washington with the spirit of Dover, Pa. If they can take back Dover, we can take back America.

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