Tuesday, January 31, 2006

How Do You Like Me Now?

If you read this on a newsfeed or an aggregator you just HAVE to click through and let me know how much you like my new looks! It's cool, isn't it? Does it look good in all browsers?

No boring standard Blogspot template any more. Makes me really happy. A couple of little things still to fix (e.g., trackbacks instead of two permalinks, the quick-edit button for my use, etc.), but it is pretty much done and looks the way I like it.

Do you like the new logo on top? Feel free to take it (I can send you the image if you e-mail me) and use it as a nifty button/link on your sidebar.

Do you like the picture of myself in the corner? Already so goofy after just half a glass of Guinness! And glasses...ah, glasses, now I will be the target of Shakes' and Tart's lust! Not to mention thousands of books overflowing the dozen or so bookshelves I built over the years. And I do dishes and laundry and other stuff around the house, too.....

Of course, you all know I am a techidiot, so you know I did not do this myself. All the kudos for the redesign of this blog go to Melissa, better known around the blogosphere as Shakespeare's Sister, one of my most favouritest bloggers of all time.

Now I have to take a look at the templates of Circadiana and The Magic School Bus...

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