Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Link Smorgasbord

PZ Myers and Colin wrote the saddest and nicest posts about Christmas.

And Colin ads a second part to his.

Bill's is sweet, though.

Buridan's Ass busts the myth of a Christian nation.

Hedwig on what we know about the tsunami a year later.

Dolphin mothers pass tool use on to their female offspring and how (not) to write chick lit, from Melinama.

The Real War on Christmas, via Brett, who still practices the forgotten art of patience.

Everybody is doing 4x4 and 7x7 memes these days, but Lance is having real fun with it.

Kim has seen her share of miracles.

Chris Mooney got voted one of ten 'sexiest geeks' of 2005 by Wired mag.

The world actually is more peaceful today than in the past, says David.

Carl on the other Panda's thumb.

Is American Idol going to be won by a North Carolinian? Again? It's possible.

Shakespeare's Sister on The Sanctity of Mail Order Marriage.

Amanda on the same topic and muses some more on the disappearance of the 'traditional' family.

What would Einstein teach?

Publius: originalists don’t care about terrorism and aid and abet our enemies.

If you have a hammer, everything is a nail. So, travelling on an airplane is sufficient inspiration to write about Kant and scientific ethics.

Kung Fu Science, via Skepsisfera.

How to draw a really good mammoth. Also, Friday Cat Blogging will never be the same again.

Radiation monitoring without a search warrant.

Leah Penn is vending.

So, what do YOU do?

I was young once and had tons of energy, too.

I need to join her.

The Origins of Music: Innateness, Uniqueness, and Evolution from a class taught by Scott.

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