Thursday, December 29, 2005

Link-Love: Miscellaneous Thursday Blogaround

Anonymoses writes: "What is needed is that conservatives learn their proper role." Read the rest.

Buridan's Ass on people who feel entitled.

Somehow, these days, Amanda and Shakespeare's Sister tend to write on same topics - this time, on changing sex-ratios in higher education. Both are very thoughtful posts.

Comandante Agi thinks that sexual intercourse can be a good metaphor for international relations.

Tom Hilton, Arthur and Thesaurus Rex are starting a War on Anti-Intellectualism.

Publius uses a sexual selection metaphor to explain the nominations of wingnut judges. I added my 2c in the comments.

Is America an empire? Perhaps.

Rev. Billy Bob Gisher is irreverently sarcastic in a two-parter about causes of death Part I and Part II.

PZ gets exercised by an exorcist.

Archy on market-tested justifications for Bush's illegal wiretapping and spying.

Asses. Female. Do I look fat in this?

AE found a study that confirms that fear of death may factor into who we vote for, i.e., that people were scared into voting for Bush.

Listen to the song: We Come From Monkeys!

Echidne on tolerance.

Speaking of tolerance, Coralius of Revolvo Inritus wrote a Letter To The Editor of SciAm about atheism. It's chilling, what he says about the labmate.

Speaking of Intelligent Design, it can be taught intelligently, in a philosophy college class.

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