Friday, December 16, 2005

Blog Awards - it's that time of year

In spite of stiff competition by the Right Wing bloggers, a number of liberal blogs did quite well in the 2005 Weblog Awards. Click on that link to see the results and to follow the links to the actual blogs.

Congratulations to Daily Kos (#1), Eschaton (#2) and Talking Points Memo (#4) in the Best Blog Category; Yellow Dog Blog (#1) in the Best New Blog group; TPM Cafe (#4), Pandagon (#5) and MyDD (#7) in the Group Blog category; Jesus' General (#1) in the Best Humor/Comic Blog group; all 15 finalists in the Liberal Blog category (in order: AmericaBlog, TalkLeft, Wonkette, TBogg, Bitch, Ph.D., Matthew Yglesias, Informed Comment, World O'Crap, Feministe. The Liberal Avenger, Clareified, Ezra Klein, Rox Populi, The Reid Report and SRWU); Raw Story (#2) and James Wolcott (#3) in the Best Media/Journalist category; Pam's House Blend (#1) in the Best LGBT BLog category; Crooks and Liars (#1) for the Best Video blog award; Firedoglake (#1), Hullabaloo (#2) and Making Light (#5) in the Top 250 blogs; Sadly NO (#1) and Michael Berube (#2) in the Top 251-500 group; Roger Ailes (#1) and Needlenose (#2) in the Top 501-1000 group; and apparently, Blogger as the favourite blogging software, as well as all the others - great showing everyone!

Now go and nominate your favourites (especially little bloggers - you know Kos will get plenty of nominations!) for the Koufax Awards.

Do not forget to nominate yourself! Don't be shy. It is not just tolerated, but actively promoted! If you are a new or small blogger, you need to show off your stuff there to be noticed!

In order to appear in the semi-finals, a blog needs to be nominated more than once, so rally your readers to pitch in for you. I have already nominated more than my fair share of blogs and I wish I could add some more.

This year, the new category is Best State/Local Issues Blog. I can see from the nominations so far that people are not yet mentally ready for it - I see very, very few nominations so far in this category. North Carolina bloggers are well known for the local community blogging, so go ahead and nominate local bloggers who cover local or statewide issues (you can see who I have nominated, if you wish).

Update: Once you see who is nominated in the link above, go to the new thread here to post your nominations in the comments.

Update 2: Big thanks to Eric, Pam, Shake's Sis, Jenn (which one?), shegeek, Dr. Free-Ride, Greensmile, Katja, Robert, Lance, Susan and Jamie, for nominating this blog (and even Circadiana, which is eligible for New Blog category! Yee-haw!) for Kaufax Awards, mostly in the Blog Deserving Wider Recognition category. It is greatly appreciated.

Update 3: They have now opened the third thread for nominations.

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