Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Triangle Bloggers Bash

Just a quick recap. It was great fun last night in the old, wonderfully renovated Durham Tobacco District. Big thanks to Anton (poor guy, his house got broken into that day) for organizing the whole thing.

Thanks Debra for giving me a ride there.

The first part was a tour of the brand new studios of WUNC (the local NPR station). They scooped a major victory by getting Dick Gordon to join the ranks and develop a new show ("Connections" was my favourite while it lasted). This portion of the party (and that was a LOT of great food) was sponsored by, an online book-publishing company (more about them in a later post).

For the second part, we moved to Tyler's bar where we had beer (that's Guinness in my hand in the pictures) courtesy of Henry Copeland of BlogAds and the local TV station WRAL, which is most courageous of the local TV outlets when it concerns online endeavors. They even have on their website a listing of area blogs.

You can see some pictures of the event here and some more here.

Paul has his own thoughts on the event. Follow his links....

It was great seeing a lot of people, some new to me, some I know from before from MeetUps and conferences, especially AE and Will R. And, believe it or not this was the first time Pam and I met in person. She is just as cool and funny in person (or more) as you can expect from reading her blog. You'll have to follow that link (above) to pictures to see us. I could not upload them here because they are not JPEGs but GIFs, but I am the guy with glasses in a brown-patchwork sweater....

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