Friday, November 18, 2005

Sunny Baudelaire is a wise young lady...

The twelfth (out of thirteen) book in a Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket came out a couple of weeks ago and I finished reading it yesterday. As the series goes, the books are getting darker and darker, and waiting for the next tome gets harder and harder (the first few books were more independent units, but now the story flows from one book to the next).

If you are not familiar with the adventures of the Baudelaire siblings, and you should be, let me just tell you that the youngest sibling is Sunny, still a baby. She cannot talk properly yet, but every now and then she utters a word, an exclamation that only her sister Violet and brother Klaus can understand (and the author provides the translation). You can find some of the translations here.

In the latest volume, on page 268, Sunny has the best utterance yet:
"Scalia," Sunny said. She meant something like, "It doesn't seem like the literal interpretation makes any sense," but her siblings did not think it was wise to translate.
From the mouths of babes...

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