Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Religion Teachers Dislike "God Of The Gaps" Argument

Nice article about Intelligent Design from the Harvard Crimson, citing several theologians and divinity professors:

Leading scholars on the issue at Harvard Divinity School (HDS) and other divinity schools say their faculties have almost no proponents of intelligent design.
Mark U. Edwards Jr., professor of the history of Christianity and associate HDS dean for academic affairs, says intelligent design is bad science and bad theology.
And Richard A. Rosengarten, who is dean of the University of Chicago’s divinity school, says that “it would be the rare divinity school that would be sympathetic” to intelligent design.

Edwards, who has just finished writing a book about religion on campuses, says he sees intelligent design as a “sad” theological argument.
“It only invokes god when there is no natural explanation,” Edwards says. “But science keeps coming up with explanations.”

(hat-tip: Charlotte Capitalist)

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