Saturday, November 05, 2005

Link-Love: Weekend Science Blogging

Hover your cursor over the links to see which blogs they come from, then click on the links, then, once there, click on "Home" or title to explore these blogs some more:

Evolution of the mammalian vagina and Are mad scientists really mad, or just misunderstood?

Worst jobs in science, Who's your daddy: Use Google to find out and Clay as a scaffold for the origins of life.

Slate on Abducted; Mooney on Secular Humanism and Chris Mooney on Abducted.

The Semiotics of a Leaf and Stay Right There, Mendel.

Giant Microbes and Knitted GI tract.

Eco-Terrorists Strike in Maine.

Pluto Has Three Moons and a picture of the First Light.

Paulos on ID, Rolling Stone on Dover trial and Heddle on Apologetics.

Science: Trust Versus Belief and I Didn't Need to Know This.

Singing Mice and The caterpillars have pupated.

Panda's Thumb keeps the tab on the Dover Trial.

Eh, probably not, Bill, probably not and Obsession is as Obsession does.

Plant News and Being a newbie in the lab.

Save The Tree Octopus and Thistle the sick rabbit.

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