Monday, November 21, 2005

Form over Function, again.

Via Lux et Umbra, I found this post by Paul Stamatiou which lists some advice to new bloggers on how to increase traffic. He gives some solid and useful advice, sure, but the whole approach is so techno-geeky, i.e., using gizmos to drive traffic and paying way too much attention to the "look" instead of content. OK, the guy is 19 years old and going to a Tech school. Perhaps when he grows up he'll be less impressed by technological bells and whistles and more impressed by quality content.

He cites, at least twice in that post, and with, gasp, APPROVAL, the notorious 10 Mistakes Bloggers Make by Jacob Nielsen. I really don't need to go into this right now, since that article has been ably fisked by a lot of bloggers, including PZ Myers, Sharon Howard, Dave Hook, Gypsy Librarian, Plead the First and Burning Bird. From that last one, a commenter makes the best summary of Nielsen:

Isn’t Jacob neilson a “PhD.” and a consultant… a mere pundit. What you could teach Jacob about blogging could fill an entire Kitchen. I would love to see your Top 10 list for newbie bloggers.

1. Say Something You Actually Believe (Even if you KNOW someone will be offended or take it personally).

2. When you’re really upset… blog it.

3. If you don’t know what you’re talking about…
allow comments… you’ll learn a thing or two.

4. If your blog reads like every other blog or even most “Top 100″ blogs then you’re just adding crap to the conversation… Be different.

5. If you love something… blog about it… someone will be changed.

6. Try to avoid using number is lists unless it seems to be a requirement.

7. Seven is a good place to stretch your imagination… consider blogging as a farm animal.

8. Eight looks really funny as a number and tends to make your post wander off topic.

9. Nine is german for No. Try not to upset Germans with excess negativity.

10. Have a strong finish… If they stick with you to the end give them a small treat… because they are the really smart ones you want to keep visiting… like you gentle reader!

McD .
Carefully read the comments on all those posts for more ideas.

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