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Carnival of the Balkans #4

It's been a while, but here we are again, re-launching the Carnival of the Balkans. Some entries are by people born and raised there, living and blogging there. Some are in the diaspora, blogging nostalgia. Some are foreigners stuck there, blogging culture shock. And some are past visitors, blogging expertise. In any case, do not limit yourself to just a post or two - look around each blog, bookmark them, blogroll them, keep coming back.

To make it easier, I have classified the entries by language they are written in. Still, click on everything and at least look at the pictures. Here we go!

In English:

From The Glory Of Carniola comes the San Diego Reader #1, a post that finally explained to me why I like blog writing better than paper&ink writing. And, my pick from there, an introduction to the Slovenian blogs, sometimes called slobs.

Katja of Yakima Gulag Literary Gazett is proud to announce that she is now running the fifth largest Nation in the Balkans which is a socialist monarchy!

Eric Gordy of East Ethnia has a long post The 'human security' report and a short list of YU online resources.

Slavs of New York explores the New York City's Balkan Music Scene. This blog is a great resource - a place to keep coming back to for more.

Soj of Flogging the Simian is having adventures in Romania, watching ancient American TV shows.

Catherine on Lepa Brena.

Chantelle of One small lawyer's big adventure is a Canadian in Belgrade, getting introduced to Turkish Delight, Turkish Coffee,Cyrillic Medicine and my favourite St.Marko church.

Ill Advised on the Slovenian Euro coin designs.

Bekah of Dobro Dosli (Welcome) is an American in Montenegro, learning the language and not believing her eyes when she saw a McDonalds there.

An American in Belgrade discovers the strangest movie theater ever, a report about Katrina victims in Austin written by a Yugoslav witness, a bit of culture shock, a curious cookbook and babes in bikinis (I know everyone is going to click on this one).

Rachel of Pustolovina is another American in Belgrade, looking to buy a vowel, some American pride, some macrobiotic food, television fame, God and peanut butter.

Steph is travelling around. Here she is in Belgrade, then a little later in Turkey.

Florian Bieber has just started blogging, which means that it won't take you much time to read EVERYTHING. I guarantee you will like it all.

Over at Teekay's there is a critique of yet another unfortunate attempt at parralelism between Yugoslavia and Iraq. Perhaps German language gives good indication how Luntzian the whole "WMD" construction is.

I love Bruce Lee, I deplore quacks and scam-artists and I love some food from back home.

La Poulette is a Slovenian in Bruxelles, bumping into Crunchy Granola Birkenstock/Flip Flop Loving Hippie Throwbacks.

Marjorie is keeping a Slovenia diary. Here is some more background and some travellogues.

Dragan keeps two blogs, one in Croatian and the other, Draxblog III, (almost the same posts), in English. Recently: Rebuild Bastille, liveblogging Croatian Big Brother and The Spectre of Communism Is Haunting Croatia.

Robert Ivanov is in Bulgaria, mostly blogging tech stuff.

Croatian Chronicles on Croatian vs. Slovenian food.

Post Industrial Brambles is in grad school and loves it.

Marko Grujic came to the States four years ago.

SRXX provides an indispensable quide to the kafana.

URLanje (screaming) appears to be on hiatus, but it points to blogs (both in English) by Franz Kafka and Samuel Pepys.

Traveller of Stepping Stones and her husband Peter of Reflexions On Life are in Tirana, Albania.

In Italian:

Most of the stuff on Burek-Eaters is in Italian so I am at a loss, but this has something to do with Yugoslav movies, these pictures are from Sarajevo, and this has something to do with Predrag Matvejevic and his article about the Christian Taliban for which he was sentenced to five months in jail.

Sarajevo-Bosnia is your source of Balkan news in Italian.

In Spanish:

Eslavos Del Sur is in Mexico. I can figure out there is a lot of Serbia & Montenegro politics there.

In Slovenian:

O Moj Blog mentions Kamikaze.

Slepo Crevo (Appendix, actually Ceacum - the subtitle is "the peak of peristaltsis") wants a Hooters in Slovenia.

Alenka Arko of Zhnevnik has arrived in the USA.

George? Ask Mojca Mavec.

ZagreBlog on TV Commercials and cevapcici from Dubrovnik.

Zapisi: old fish and sick birds.

I can only see that Vesna Milek mentions Al Pacino.

In one or another variant of Serbo-Croatian:

Seesaw has two blogs. One is a Sarajevo Photoblog worth exploring - beuatiful pictures. The other one is Balkan-Scissors: Dzoni Stulic is not coming back, and the birth home of the only Yugoslav Nobel-prize winner is covered with garbage.

Barhana from Sarajevo tried his hand at selling pumpkin seeds on a bridge.

Muusava always puts old beloved songs into my ears that I cannot get rid of for days at a time, singing out loud in the car. Here's one of those.

Zeko zna (Bunny knows, or Blog Te Mazo!) has advice how to prevent boxer shorts from getting stuck where they tend to get stuck....

T-zombix on newsmasters.

Tija of Tvoj Netko met some fellow bloggers in person.

Lady Jazzie is about to have her first job interview.

Jesus El Diablo Quintana (Back in Black) on Doc Holliday.

Nikola got an angry note from neighbors about noise.

Comrade Tito. No comment.

Nebojsa Malic blogs heavy-duty Balkans politics on and on his own blog Gray Falcon, and sometimes one feeds the other.

Makilica now lives in Switzerland and has some really funny jokes from there.

Besna Glista (Rabid Earthworm) reminds me of some good old food. Yes, the star-shaped mayonnaise.

Beogradoholic laments the idiocy of patriotism.

CNN (Croatian Nauseous News) on feudalists and serfs and primitivism.

Housewife From Hell is off to Paris.

Brand New Girl on alchemists and functionally illiterate people.

La Lara, on one of her blogs, explains (and provides the recipe for) Pasta Putanesca and on her other blog about Serbian courtship methods.

Filip Kikoman left home and went to Stockholm.

The Day of the Dead from Filologanoga.

Blogov kolac, when applied with force to the heart, can kill a vampire. Mostly book reviews, for instance Grandma.

Modesti Blejz, uses such sweet Dalmatian (Adriatic) language to talk about machismo and long pipes.

Now this is a serious blog about history of Sarajevo.

Planeta Srbija is a blog aggregator of Serbian blogs. Just click on the links and explore lots of interesting blogs.

Bluz Umornog Konja (Tired Horse Blues) is visually gorgeous and always very funny. Read this story for starters, then dig through the archives.

Do you understand what is going on here at Natty's Bubbles.

Cruel Life bought some good books.

Talk about a single-focus blog! You'll learn EVERYTHING about coffee on Kava.

Little Pink Queen: What Women Want.

Harry Potter Serbia is the BEST place to find all the information about the upcoming movie (and the clips, too).

You'll find poems and song-lyrics on Gogi's blog.

Well, of course Selma had to transcribe the
eponymous song by the White Button band.

Pastoralni Kupus about women.

Nedim Sejdinovic: Kosovo: six years after.

Please check out the archives of the previous editions of the carnival here. If you want to host next month, let us know.

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