Friday, November 18, 2005

Building My Blogroll

I've been slowly working on building my blogroll. Check out what I did so far.

Most blogs are eclectic but I have tried to categorize them in the spirit of Borges' Chinese Classification of Animals. The political and science blogs, as there are so many of them, are the hardest to do, so I'll do them last.

What category you'd like to see your blog in? If you think I have miscategorized your blog and think it needs to be moved, let me know. If you do not want your blog listed here, let me know. If I got a link wrong, or if you moved to a different platform, let me know. If your blog is not listed here, but you'd like it to be, let me know (no guarantee, of course). Check on "About Me" for my e-mail address.

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