Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Announcing the brand new spectacular Carnival of the Liberals!

Why are we letting the Right take over the world of blog carnivals? They have a dozen or so carnivals devoted to bashing the Left, each with a different level of obnoxiousness. It's time to strike back!

So, I am happy to report that a couple of enterprising souls on the Left are launching the brand new, super-special Carnival of the Liberals, "the first and only blog carnival devoted to highlighting the best of liberal blogging from all around the web." If you click on that link you'll see that the website has an automated submission form, making it easy to participate. So, look at your recent blog activity and pick your best of the most recent posts. Be sure to read the guidelines first.

The carnival will be bi-weekly, appearing every other Wednesday on a different blog. The first edition will appear on December 7th, 2005 on Brainshrub. The second issue will appear two weeks later on Neural Gourmet. Those two blogs are, let me make sure to point this out, the founders of this magnificent new carnival.

As you can see on the carnival's calendar, hosting is wide open, so volunteer ASAP.

If you are not exactly sure what a blog carnival is, I have written extensively about the phenomenon here, here and here. You can see a well-organized warehouse of all currently active carnivals here and explore some defunct ones if you dig through here.

If you are nervous about hosting, you may want to read some bloggers' experiences first. Here are a few, by Hedwig the Owl, me (that's an old one, though), Coyote Blog, Free Money Finance and Wizbang. By far the best advice for carnival hosts was written by Mike of 10000 birds, something worth a close reading.

So, what are you waiting for, write a good post, send it to the first host and watch new readers coming to your blog on December 7th. After a few weeks of doing that, you may want to try your hand at hosting, too. It's fun and it's good for you!

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