Thursday, October 20, 2005

Tar Heel Tavern - call for submissions

The 35th edition of the Tar Heel Tavern will be posted at Slowly She Turned on Sunday, Oct. 23 around 12 noon. The deadline for submissions is 9 a.m. Sunday morning, to accommodate you night-owl writers.

The theme this time will be "An Oldie But a Goodie." You can approach this one in many ways - for example you can write about a treasured possession, memory, relationship, past administration, book, song, movie...use your imagination.

OR you can submit a post older than one week. The only restriction is that it must not have been included in a past Tar Heel Tavern.

OR you can do both in one post...

OR you can do neither and just send me whatcha got.

Send your permalink to lponeill AT att DOT net.

Encourage new N.C. bloggers to participate, and beg old bloggers to host!

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