Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Nielsen-Ratings Rated by Blogs

Hmmm, there is a storm in the blogosphere. Jacob Nielsen, who is, so they say, some kind of web-designing guru (sorry, I have not heard of him before) wrote these 10 reasons why many blogs suck.

While some of the advice - mostly the technical ones - are OK, others, the social ones, reveal complete misunderstanding what blogging is all about.

Sharon, ClioWeb, Tony and Chris Clarke have their own opinions. PZMyers has his, plus a bunch of commenters pitch in.

What do you think?

Are my titles uninformative and non-eye-catching? Is this blog too 'miscellanous' in theme (as opposed to straightjacketed-narrow Circadiana)?

Do I suffer from irregular posting or dry spells? Is my future boss going to fire me?

Are you unable, even when hovering your cursor over the links, to figure out where I'm linking? Are my old/best posts burried in the archives and never refered to in more recent posts?

Is my 'About Me' section too empty and photograph-less? Anything I should change?

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