Thursday, October 20, 2005

Link-Love: some more science blogging

Is time travel possible?

Want to save on gas? Does lowering the tailgate decrease drag? Perhaps you should buy a bycicle instead (recent sales are HUGE).

Six drinks that changed the world.

Legal aspects of Intelligent Design Creationism in schools and amazing chicken bones.

New Dinosaur in New Haven.

When warm liquid trickles down your leg it can save your life. I am waiting for an Evolutionary Psychological story on this.

Fish medicine and fish euthanasia.

Science catches up with Jules Verne.

IgNobel Prizes and Annals of Improbable Research now have a blog (hat-tip: e pur si muove).

When a Mad Scientist bakes bread.

Flu prevention kit and a bone eating snot flower.

Space program, via cucumbers, eradicates rural poverty, God is NOT supernatural and an extroverted Australian's chances of dying of bird flu.

Tracking stuff from photocopiers, color printers and cellphone cameras.

Phony feathered dinosaurs?

Katrina Flood Waters Not The Mother of All Toxic Stews.

Anthopology: a reformer's science - what does that mean? And science vs. science.

God is to engineering what Michael Brown is to hurricane relief and Intelligently designed avian flu.

ID Books and Peer Review and ID Books and Peer Review.

Philosophy is a combination of zoology and prostitution.

Lost your marbles (plus my favourite horse sculpture).

Presenting: Science, Wackmobiles and Spurious Brainchildren.

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