Sunday, October 30, 2005

Link-Love: Random Weekend Edition

As always, don't restrict yourself to just the linked posts - explore these blogs some more.

A moving tribute to Hair, Life and Optimism by Ron.

Soj: Sun Myung Moon was banned from entering Bulgaria.

Katja finds the interview with the Serbian officer who shot down the stealth bomber.

Mark Kleiman: Corporate sociopaths (has he read "The Divine Right of Capital"?)

Chelsea writes a Dissertation.

Greg is thinking about the Brain, for the fourth time already, this time on the philosophy/psychology of Religion.

Perpwalk analyzes conservative motivation.

Jeff Jarvis: Journalism 2010.

Bill Nye's Apprentice spends a day teaching the blind.

The newest edition of Advocate Weekly, a roundup of education blogs.

Scary stuff: The Norquist Pledge!

This is an amazing blog about using blogs in teaching. See this post for an example (hat-tip: Laura).

And Barbara Ganley also comments on her experiences using blogs in teaching, e.g., here and here (these are excellent - long but worth your time).

Yup, a lot of people have not the foggiest idea what is happening.

I agree with Julie. Just remember how many glitches there were a year ago compared to now. Then chill out! You'll be just fine.

Force-Feeding the Manufactured Controversy and Dead Bodies and Pretty Girls (I loved 'Stiff'. I hear Mary Roach published a new book on the 'science' of paranormal, but I don't think she is 100% skeptical, though).

The Invisible Library on A Hangover of Historic Heft and Dimension - an elegant dissection of emptiness that is Peggy Noonan.

A knowledgable analysis of the new Guinness evolution TV commercial.

Media Girl: Next on the conservative agenda: Intelligent Poverty!

Neil Shakespeare, The Ethical Werewolf and In The Pink Texas report from the John Edwards tour.

How to learn and teach math and how it matters in the real world (LOL).

Protecting the Meaning - Dr.Freeride on the decision of NAS and NSTA to force Kansas to write its own science curriculum.

Positive attitude and Negative attitude, from Rush Limbaugh, via Einstein to the War in Iraq.

James Wolcott is good today.

Element List is a place to go for links about science.

Stcynic continues to report on the Dover hearings.

Putting together Miers and Libby: why one withdrew on the day the other one got indicted?

P.G.Wodehouse, as recommended by Accidental Blogger.

Dark Side of education.

How to be a Successful Scientist!

Ampersand: Should we legally recognize polyamorous marriages? (good comment thread, too)

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