Saturday, October 22, 2005

Link-Love: Random Weekend Edition

The best conspiracy theory ever! Or a bad case of projection?

Funny movie about the Republican War on Science, in this case global warming. Read the full lyrics (pdf) and especially the footnotes.

Say Ciao to Antonella.

Unlike flagella, mitochondria and ribosomes, this is a real intelligently designed sub-cellular machine.

How to Get Ahead in the Republican Party? Fake it! Like this!

I read about this last night and thought about writing a post, but was too tired. Anyway, I knew that Pam was going to cover it today. Poor brainwashed kids! Dohiyi Mir also picked it up. Read the comment threads on both (as well as here). Neil Shakespeare has a different take and Orac takes it seriously.

Scabs on shins - not sexy, blood on pants - not sexy, self-constraint - an angelic deed, but not sexy, and this?! Definitely not sexy! All that from the sexiest blogger on the block.

Everybody appears to be linking to this wild anti-Kos rant by Res Publica. I'll jump on the bandwagon...because I like these sleek navy-blue bandwagons. And while you're there read also: Everybody's doing it (and the links within).

I suspect this may turn into a Carnival of Eerthworms! That's what blogging is all about, after all - getting all the used vegetable oil you ever wanted.

Matt deserves a monument! He sacrificed his sanity for good of humanity by watching and writing about the complete Kent Hovind video series. Go read the series and say "thank you" to Matt.

What is a Dissertation all about? I needed to read this.

Ruby provokes an intense discussion in the comments. Elizabeth Edwards posts a comment in response.

Is this how it works? Shall we tap into the teenage rebellion?

Pirate Roberts was a computer programmer in 1966!!!!! [snark] Moving around the little balls on the abacus? [/satire] Makes me feel so young. OK, he was very young at the time - he got married later.

Here comes a hypothetical....

Why people believe what they do? I'll have to work this into one of my posts on childrearing-to-femiphobia-to-conservatism posts...

How and why to give up on vegetarianism? Dunno - I've always been a bloody carnivore. BTW, the next edition of the Carnival of Feminists will be hosted at Personal Political, so throwing red meat is a requirement.

Save My Ass.

Another blogging course, this one very different, though. The students are scattered all over the world, doing a lot of photoblogging and vlogging. Really cool.

Talking of narrow-focus blogs, this one is intriguing.

About looks, via BlahBlahBlah a new nurse blog on my roll.

The orifice is open and an interesting
middle wedding.

On the future of newspapers.

A contradiction in terms - something about nobility...

Uggabugga pictorially explains Schwarzennegger's gerrymandering scheme and links to several good analyses, too.

Carl Zimmer is asking for feedback on science blogging. Here's his latest, on what's a gene for.

See what's new at the Liberal Coalition.

Is AmTaliban in charge of NASA, too? Out-of-this-world sex could jeopardise missions.

Catalyst and Aussie Scientists Put The Boot into Intelligent Design

Lance Mannion Superstar: It takes a tough man to save a tender chicken.

I've bashed the genocentrism before, but I agree with Keat's Telescope that the Human Genome Project was a very useful endeavor.

The Day After Fitzmass.

Jane Hamsher is on top of the entire, detailed Plame/Miller/Rove/Libby/Novak/Fitzgerald saga as well as the Harriet Miers saga. How does she do it? Does she sleep?

Echidne on Kass...

Jim Anderson on Behe in Dover. The school superintendent from the neighboring school district came to watch and conluded that IDC is "great science" and needs to be implemented in his district, too. What was he watching!?

Physical exertion impacts our perception of distance.

The Church of Reality got the 501(C)3 tax exempt status from the IRS!

Diebold caught again!

The happiest teacher alive.

Do you listen, or do you wait to talk?

The Miers withdrawal watch. Also How To Avoid Blog Burnout.

I'll have to check out this new station. Perhaps I can continue my "I'm Gone Country" series...

Fitzgerald has a new website (thanks Sue).

Exosceletons are the military unifroms of the future.

T.H.Huxley has a blog (hat-tip: PZ Myers).

Interesting discussion about religious progressives.

Somebody finally did this obvious photoshop.

Silver Ring - what a choice!

Everything you always wanted to know about viruses.

He looks nice, but he is dangerous!!!!

Multilingual Katrina survey.

Wow - David Brin does not read many blogs, does he? Scroll down for his series on propertarianism.

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