Saturday, October 01, 2005

Link-Love: New Political Friends...

G. D. Frogsdong on the Gerbils of War and a conversation with an anti-protester in DC last week.

Bitter Green Gazette is a blog about agriculture and food business. The fault lines of industrial agriculture is an example of an analytic post. The posts collecting the current news are titled "Roundup, Ready", for which Monsanto threatened to sue. The Gazette's answer: Go to Hell!

Prairie Angel looks at Seattle as a lesson for rebuilding New Orleans. This really makes me want to go to Seattle and take a tour of the Underground!

Dadahead on the guy in philosophy class, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity and crazy conservatives getting crazier by the minute.

Preemptive Karma links to and article about a new textbook for studying the Bible, promotes the new DefCon Blog, slams Hidrocket and Falwell.

The Token Reader can make even Friday Random Ten into a riveting read. How about open source code for voting machines?

Jim Johnson on the beauty of photographs depicting sorrow, images of child labor, documentary photography and embededness.

Blue Meme reveals the identity of the Intelligent Designer(s).

What is Rovenge? The Generik Brand takes it to the Dems and figures out how to separate the wheat from the chaff there. And a serious one on Intelligent Design.

Is Murky Thoughts on hiatus?

You gotta love The Disenchanted Forest, if nothing else but for the post titles, like Frist's diagnosis of Schiavo more blind than his trust, Philly Rag writer perfects the cranio-anal inversion, Frist is gonna need a bigger fan and Waiting for the Soylent Green Medicare Plan. Then go beyond the titles for the meat of it.

Birmingham Blues finds an ideal job for Brownie.

Phaedra of Smoke and Mirrors went to the DC rally.

Five Wells on privacy, tragedy of the bunnies, gerin oil and geraniol and technology.

Under No Circumastances is one of many commenting on the recent paper about the correlation between religiosity and social ills, but goes a step further.

Speedkill dissects religion and Coulter.

A Beaumont evacuee blogs about Rita, Dallas, Houston and everything else.

Circadian Rhythm blog (no, not Circadiana) on Intelligent Design.

Rigorous Intuition on remote viewing.

Draft for War in Iraq as economic choice, by DaveAwayFromHome.

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