Sunday, October 02, 2005

Link-Love: A little bit of science blogging

DefCon blog is a new blog that tracks the attacks on the Constitution by the Religious Right, most notably on Creationism right now, due to the Dover trial.

Deep-Sea News on toxins from the deep that can kick cancer ass, on the new Colossal Squid, on Kraken, on the first filming of a giant squid, and on a rare collaboration between science and oil-industry.

In what sense of "fresh" is this fresh science? How about this one?

Canadian Cynic gives some speaking advice to those who speak about Intelligent Design.

Uncredible Hallq attends a Plantinga lecture.

Omniorthogonal on social crapital and on blogger self-promotion. Also, a book review of The Long Emergency.

Uncertain Principles discovers a blogging Dean and discusses lackluster blogging by scientists.

More Evolution Theories is collecting myriads of origin stories, evolutionary accounts, and just plain wacko theories. Intelligent Design Creationism is most definitely not the only alternative to evolution!

After all that science education, Penn is now counting mice, counting fish and counting drunk motel customers.

Zeno of Halfway There on mathematism and math envy.

This story is all over the blogs. I picked it up from The Lippard blog: Student harrassed by Baylor police for poking fun at a religious nut.

Acronym Required on E = mc².

Gorgeous picture of a neuronal synapse.

Blog of Planetary Science.

Tree octopus! Endangered, of course.

The Hairy Museum of Natural History is the coolest blog if you are into paleontology and stuff....

The agrarian party and the USDA stooges on Glorfindel of Gondolin.

The Questionable Authority is covering Dover trial blow-by-blow. More on Intelligent Design Creationism and a bit about Einstein.

A philosopher deconstructs Bennett.

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