Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Link-Love: Femmes Fatales

Who asked where are all the women bloggers? Here they are, just a little sample. What a diversity of voices!

Lindsay Beyerstein explains what a Sunday Sermonette is and points out an important detail about the new methods of extracting stem cells.

Newswriter has an appropriate job for Harriet Miers.

Drunken Lagomorph receieves anticlimactic packages.

Amanda's chat with her sister makes her less confident about the DeLay affair. Jesse is leaving Pandagon and he will be sorely missed by the blogosphere, but I have to admit that I ahave been going there primarily for Amanda's rants, like this one on he-said-she-said media.

Kim will make you think about nurses differently for the rest of your life.

Trish Wilson has the best take on Real Dolls.

Jane on Armageddon, lies in history textbooks and the language you have not heard of: Hebonics.

Sakhita on KillWhitey parties, Vanessa on the sex workers conference, Anne on the inmates' right to abortion and Jessica on Vagina101 are some of the reasons to check out Feministing.

Jodie on the history of Candyland, on inspirational speaking and the second-oldest profession.

Bitch, PhD on the Supreme Court and Harriett Miers.

Julie Saltman (another one of Publius' blogchildren) has an excellent take on the Mooney/Yglesias debate on the Republican War on Science.

Arse Poetica is daydreaming, then Scotty McLellan wakes her up again.

Echidne also loves Bruce Lee and uses verbal Jeet-Koon-Do to beat up on David Brooks and James Dobson.

Nancy Nall on the death of a newspaper and some animals.

Cyndy on Kucinich, Crimes Against Humanity and White House Iraq Group.

Deirdre is back in London.

Tiffany defines Bennett's racism and the Miers strategy.

Oh, no! Pen-Elayne has another meme!

Pinko Feminist Hellcat gives credit where it is due.

The Girl With A One-Track Mind connects with her mother and suffers culture-clash in NY City.

Pissed-Off Patricia on how the war was sold, BlondeSense Liz on Cindy Sheehan, Anntichrist S. Coulter on Halliburton Watch and Jaye Ramsey Sutter on factual relativism in the classroom - all good reasons to subscribe to Blondesense.

Alexa is back (does that mean that the Carnival of Sin will resume?) and is being whisked to Prague. I expect the next post will not be work-safe.

Shakespeare's Sister is my first-in-the-morning read for a reason. Here she is on sizeism, Tom DeLay, Al Gore and the Idiotisation of America.

Blue girl recieved a Miller-less copy of New York Times.

Pam is having an interesting discussion about the issue of being gay in political campaigns. She also reports on the recent God-Blog conference.

Hedwig The Owl on birds in the news and academic hiring.

Jane Hamsher has been on fire lately, following fervently the whole Plame/Miller/Rove epic. Try this, this and this for a taste.

Laura is back in school and back in the gym.

Media Girl on what progressivism is.

Danah Boyd on visualisation and tagging.

BotanicalGirl on vertigo, anonymous blogging and losing weight.

Rana connects to nature, turns websites into vegetables and has an eventful day on campus.

Avedon Carol on liberalism.

Rivka on cognitive dissonance.

Mary Anne on the differences between know and believe.

The Little Professor is having hard time reading!

Saheli meets a spider.

Jude is already looking ahead towards 2008 elections.

Dr.Petra reports that having a baby can be an aphrodisiac, and on a man experiencing his wife's orgasm under hypnosis.

It's Chewie's birthday. Go say Hello.

Sarah Dessen is going to New York.

Nita looks at homecoming from a different perspective.

A cop complimented Jasna on her hair. See her hair here.

Natalie Bennett has this to say about crime statistics.

Feministe: Lauren has a strange moment student teaching and another one and Jill detects eurocentrism in archaeology.

Roxanne has all the links on Plame/Rove affair and is waiting for the Flipper.

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