Monday, October 31, 2005


Took the kids trick-or-treating earlier tonight. This place is nuts over Halloween. So many houses are elaborately decorated, with smoke machines, spooky sounds, lots of fake spiderwebs, wonderfully carved pumpinks.... It is really fun! Coturnietta was a little Red Devil, wielding a trident (I did not tell her she looked like a Red Devil vaccum-cleaner, oh no!) and Coturnix Jr. was, I thought, a sullen teenager, but he said that he was just his own evil twin. They got TONS of candy. Myself, I don't need a costume to look scary, especially when I am two months overdue for a haircut!

Beforehand, I carved a nice scary face on a pumpkin. This year I decided not to let the seeds go to waste. So, what did I do? I searched teh blogs for a recipe, of course. I got a great one: Toasted Pumpkin Seeds Recipe. In a few minutes, I'll let you know how they turned out. Look out for the update.

Update: They were delicious!

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